We create our music in the moment - tailoring our mixes on the fly to seamlessly fit the occasion, the setting & even the weather - so we don’t tend to record the fruits of our labours - from time to time, we’ll compile playlists on Spotify - which give a flavour of the selections for particular occasions.

FarmFest 2017 - Vintage Warmup Mix

Russell worked hard to compile this [70% of his set wasn't on spotify!] he's come up with some absolute FIRE though. Let us transport you to a magical place, aboard a train, in a muddy field, in Somerset [and sorry about the illegal version of Breakin' Down...!].


"Adult Oriented Disco" music, yachtrock, slo-mo disco, AOR and more.

Babington House Poolside

Our poolside playlist - sumptuous sounds from the late seventies and early eighties disco zenith.

The Goodlife Experience 2016

We put together a playlist of 33 of of our favourite 45rpm singles which we dedicated to all of the WONDERFUL PEOPLE who attended and contributed to the ABSOLUTE TRIUMPH which was the Good Life Experience 2016.


The Clayton-Hoare Vibes Scale is a succinct yet comprehensive Taxonomy of Vibes, refined and developed over a 4 year period from 2013 - 2017, by the founders of Vintage Mobile Disco.

Vibes are rated on a scale of Categories 1 to 5.

"Cat#1" vibes denoting "Chill" rising to "Peak" vibes at "Cat#5".


Loose, bucolic, background vibes.
Bird song


Steady, unobtrusive, engaging vibes.
Synth bubble


Heightened, uplifting, energetic vibes.
Jet whoosh/train noise


Locked, intensifying vibes.


Peak vibes.