In the small Somerset town of Frome, on the first Sunday of the month, something wonderful is happening.

The Frome Independent, true to its strapline, is “more than a market”.

It's a monthly micro-festival, showcasing the best in local food, talent, apparel, and hand crafted wares.

It's a focal point for our whole community.

It's also where Vintage Mobile Disco, and our totemic soundsystem Donna Somerset first found our groove.

When VMD began, it was just Rich, Russell and a nameless wooden box. But we soon realised that the laundry cart needed an identity and a personality of her own. A public competition was held on social media and a various names were put forward from local residents.

“Donna Somerset” was a clear winner* - idea by Cole Henley, presented by the Mayoress of Frome and painted onto the unit by Matt Welstead - all local Frome residents.

(*runner up went to “Cheddar Gorgio Moroder”)

If you've not been yet, the atmosphere at The Frome Independent is unlike anything else. Nostalgic yet progressive, cosmopolitan yet quintessentially British. And like the British weather the tone and character of the market varies throughout the year.

It's been the perfect place to hone the craft of tailoring a vibe on the fly, to fit the mood, the audience and the setting. The market is at the very heart of what VMD stands for.