Our Story

A Shared Dream, a Fresh Take on The Mobile Disco

Like all the best ideas [citation needed], it started with a chance conversation in a village pub.

Rich had recently begun converting a vintage laundry cart into a tiny soundsystem to play records at his sister-in-law’s birthday party and Russell had acquired a mammoth collection of 45s from his mother’s best friend [long story…].

They met serendipitously at the Trudoxhill weekly pub quiz and a plan was swiftly hatched. A visit to Russell’s house to dig through the depths of his records in the affectionately titled ‘Disco Room’ cemented the idea that the world needed a fresh take on the “mobile disco”, and they were the chaps to do it.


The two quickly set about honing their (as yet unnamed) soundsystem in one of Russell’s barns.

Lights were added, a mirror ball, a dash of smoke, just enough to give the essence of the mobile disco’s they remembered from their youth, but with cues from the rustic, handcrafted aesthetic they were seeing all around them in Frome.

The rules of play

With the soundsystem starting to get take shape, Rich & Russ set about formulating some simple rules which they should stick to, to give the endeavour a unique and inimitable character:


we shall only play music recorded at least 30 years ago;


we shall take this music to less obvious places and spaces (rural markets, world class art galleries, abandoned breweries, luxury yachts etc);


{from “discotheque” or literally “record library”}: we shall honour the original format of the mobile discos of yore: we shall only play 7” records.


Over the next few years, following these simple rules, the duo found that something about this formula was appealing to people from all walks of life. Young and old, casual listeners and disco aficianados alike, all seemed to appreciate a certain timeless quality and consistency which was shining through.

The “open source” nature of the venture, meant that anyone who was happy to stick to The Rules Of Play, was welcomed behind the decks. And so slowly, what began with 2, steadily grew to half a dozen or so hardcore enthusiasts, with many more occasional DJs joining them for the ride.

Future vintage

The “rolling” nature of the format, means that we have some incredible additions to our crates to look forward to, once their “30 year embargo” is lifted. Who knows what spectacles will ensue, when the rave explosion of 1988 and the huge hits of the early 90s are added to the canon of our repertoire. What we do know is this: Vintage Mobile Disco, will continue to spread their unique brand of quality vibes, for many years to come.