The ethos of the Vintage Mobile Disco is very much “back to basics”:

2 turntables; 4 primary coloured disco lights; 1 ubiquitous mirror ball; and a dash of smoke from the fog machine, is all it takes to evoke the nostalgia of the discos we all remember from our youth.

Music-wise, there are just a couple of simple rules:

– 7″ vinyl only;

– recorded at least 30 years ago

Expect to hear plenty of soul, disco, boogie, forgotten folk, psych, funk, country, soundtracks, easylistening, and other oddities found lingering in the dusty racks of the forgotten record stores of the English countryside. The selections are familiar, without being clichéd. Nostalgic, without being cheesy.

The vibe is decidedly family friendly – Russ & Rich, the proprietors of the Vintage Mobile Disco, both have young families, and a big part of the VMD experience, is presenting great music in a way which appeals to all generations.

Nowhere is this more evident, than at their monthly residence, at the hugely acclaimed Frome Independent Market. All-day sets in the Somerset sunshine, on the first Sunday of each month, have steadily built a loyal crowd of followers, locally and further afield (culminating this summer, with their very own pitch at a little festival down the road at Worthy Farm.)

The local residents have even coined an affectionate nickname for the Vintage Mobile Disco:

“Donna Somerset”, which gives a nod not only to her birthplace, but also to the era which she evokes.

Donna won’t be for everyone (none of your EDM here we’re afraid) but if you’re looking for something a little different, with a lot of heart – she might just be the disco for you’ve been looking for.

Russ, Rich & Donna